It is 3401 AL, what would have been the 13th Pass of the Red Star, had Thread still been falling. But AIVAS solved that problem long ago, ushering in what should have been an era of peace and prosperity for Pern. Instead, ancient tensions, between tradition and technology and Dragonriders and Holders, erupted into a war that lasted nearly fifty Turns.

Now, the dragons are gone. Driven extinct by conflict and dwindling numbers. In their absence, Pernese use the stars to chart their fortunes. Everyone is born under a Sign, first described by the Master Starcrafter Rigel 150 Turns ago. Not only does it predict the personal traits, but it determines what careers you can apprentice to, who you can marry, and what other people think of you.

Being born under the wrong sign can ruin your life. Your parents may even abandon you. The Starholds will take any unwanted children as apprentices.. But they never come back.

Of course, in the more isolated smallholds, every hand is needed, even if it belong to a feckless girl born under the sign of the Fox. Keahi is a constant source of trouble to her parents, and often runs away from home. During one of these sojourns, a rainstorm drives her to seek shelter in a cave.

There, in a pot filled with still-hot sand, is an enormous copper egg, already cracking. And that is how Keahi Impressed Copper Makedath, a female dragon that was not the average Queen by any means. Together, they made a home in the dusty ruins of Monaco Bay, calling it Astraea Weyr after the dragon homes of old. With a combination of educated guesses and luck they learned to work together, to hunt, to fly, even go between, and all was well, until two Turns later….

This is a far future non-canon Pern setting to be played on Storium. The campaign page will mainly serve as a wiki.

Astraea Weyr

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