Journeyman Healer


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Basic Information

Full name: Daeren
Pronunciation: “DARE-en”
Meaning: From parents names, Adaera and Seleren
Nickname/alias: None
Sign: Chisel
Rank: Journeyman
Affiliation: (Starhold/Guild/Hold etc) Chisel Starhold, then Astraea Weyr

Physical Characteristics

Gender: Male
Gender Role: Bachelor
Birthdate: 3371.02.17
Real Age: 30
Age Appearance: He looks slightly younger than his age.
Preferred Hand: Left-handed
Facial Type: Shield-shaped
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Hairstyle: Curly, falls just to shoulders, worn loose.
Skin Tone: Fair
Complexion: Clear
Makeup: None
Body Type: Mesomorph
Build: Tall and lean.
Height: 6’3"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Cup Size: Glares at you. “Really?”
Facial Hair: None
Shoe Size: Men’s size 10-12?
Birthmarks/scars: Was born with a vestigial sixth finger on right hand. This was amputated at Chisel Starhold, so he has a scar from that procedure.
Distinguishing Features: Um…He’s tall? With gorgeous black hair?
Author’s note: Just watch actor Jeffrey Meek from the TV series Raven.

Inner Workings
Health: Mostly healthy. Has occasional migraines, maybe two or three a turn.
Energy: Usually sufficient for his needs. Has been trained to stay on his feet for long stretches of time if he must. If he’s having a migraine—zero; that knocks him flat. Concentration or thought is difficult.
Memory: Excellent memory. Has trained as a surgeon for over ten turns and knows human anatomy and its idiosyncrasies very well.
Senses: His sensory perception is normal unless he’s having migraine prodrome. Then it’s off the chart.
Allergies: No known allergies.
Handicaps: “There are some who say my personality is a handicap; clearly, they are idiots.”
Phobias: Bugs. He can’t stand them and keeps his living space ruthlessly clean to discourage their presence.
Addictions: “Cheese. I love good cheese.”
Mental Disorders: “Do you want the guy wielding a knife over your body to have a mental disorder? Didn’t think so; no more do I. I’m fine.”

Wardrobe: He’s not a clotheshorse, but the clothing he does own is neat, clean, and well mended. He usually wears scrubs so he doesn’t have to decide what to wear for work each day. For Gathers, he wears more colorful, more stylish clothing.
Accessories and Trinkets: Rank cords. When on duty he carries a listening tube (stethoscope) in one pocket, along with other miscellaneous but useful items for medical diagnosis on the fly, such as a reflex hammer.
Prized Possessions: A dark green sweater his mother knitted him, which he wore when he came to the Starhold. He has kept it ever since. He also has a well-stocked healer’s pouch.
Style: Brisk, efficient, purposeful. He always behaves as if he has somewhere to be and means to get there.
Mode of Dress: Daeren dresses for comfort but never looks sloppy. He believes in projecting an outer impression of inner competence. He believes a patient cannot trust a healer who looks less than professional.
Grooming: He wears his hair a bit longer than might be usual; it’s his one vanity. Aside from that, he is well groomed unless he’s just come off of a long day at work.
Posture: His posture is pretty good. He’s confident and assertive so doesn’t slouch or shuffle his feet.
Gait: Swift and purposeful unless he is walking with someone who is shorter than he. Unfortunately for him, that describes most people.
Coordination: He has a very good sense of hand-eye coordination and of his position in space.
Voice: Low tenor. Usually sounds pleasant, but it turns harsh if he is annoyed about something. He is a decent singer.
Scent: At various times he smells like redwort, soap, sweat, blood, or sweetsand. “I smell as if I work in an Infirmary, unless I’ve just stepped out of the bathing pool.”


Primary Motivator: “I want to be the best I can be.”
Sense of Humor: Dry. Very dry. He is always the straight man; someone else is the comic.
Emotional Disposition: Acerbic but calm.
Moodiness: Not much bothered by this.

Core Traits
Outlook: Mostly positive, but he is no idealist.
Integrity: Conscientious. “I would like to think I have integrity, yes. But sometimes it can be very difficult.”
Impulsiveness: Controlled.
Boldness: In surgery, he is very willing to take calculated risks if he believes the result of taking the risk could be of greater benefit than of not taking it. Outside of that, he is more normal.
Flexibility: “If you can’t be flexible when performing surgery, you should choose a different profession.”
Affinity: Warm.
Comportment: Discordant
Interactivity: Reserved
Disclosure: Candid, sometimes too candid. “I am as candid as a situation calls for.”
Conformity: Conventional

Secondary Traits

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Libido: “Enough.”
Sexual Expressiveness: “Enough.”
Sexual Expressive Style: “Really, is this any of your business?”
Openness to Sexual Experience: “Not something I plan to discuss with you.”
Promiscuity: “I don’t jump into the furs with just anyone. Satisfied?”

Emotional Details
Strengths: Desire to achieve success with honor. Candor.
Flaws: Candor without tact.
Conflicts: Desires to maintain traditions but also feels that the concept of birth signs determining one’s personality or skill set is absurd and therefore believes some change needs to occur, even though he doesn’t want all of it.
Instincts: “I want to make it better.”
Lures: Skill. Wit.
Soft Spot: His foster-daughter, Alaera. Deaf people. There was recessive deafness at the Hold where he was born, and he was fascinated by the way those people communicated. He learned their method of ‘speech’ and has kept in practice.
Cruel Streak: Stubborn stupidity brings this out in him. Ignorance or honest mistakes he will tolerate, but not stubborn, willful fools.

Mental Details
Topics of Conversation: Medicine, music, politics, Starcraft vs Weyr ideologies.
Quirks, Habits, and Oddities: Rarely drinks wine or alcohol. Does embroidery to practice suturing. Gestures when he speaks. Inserts bits of Sign into those gestures. He has reasonably neat handwriting, but his signature is illegible.
Hobbies and Enjoyments: Loves music. Likes to dance. Trades his embroidery for other services or things he wants.
Accomplishments: Made journeyman healer while still a starcrafter novice. That took a LOT of hard work and required long hours of study. Becoming a foster-father.
Greatest Achievement: A paper he wrote on the use of skin grafts is his greatest professional achievement. To him, however, his greatest personal achievement was teaching language to a child who had been born deaf with no other deaf people living nearby. He assessed her when her parents gave her to the Starhold, and he took her as his foster-child.
Biggest Failure: Losing a patient from complications because of a wrong decision he made during surgery.
Secrets: The migraines are worse than he lets on.
Regrets: He hurt someone once with his candidness, and that is what taught him the difference between honesty that helps and honesty meant to wound. He has striven to be helpful with his honesty since.
Worries: “I worry about my daughter Alaera—finding a craft that will accept her, hoping she’ll find a husband, though I suppose that’s not strictly necessary, worrying about people hurting her or thinking her less intelligent than she is.”
Likes: “Did I mention cheese? I also like chai, cleanliness, books, dancing, dating.”
Dislikes: Liars—and he’s pretty good at spotting them. Laziness, shoddy work. “I hate bugs.”
Pet Peeves: People who won’t wipe up the klah or the sweetening they spill.
Dreams/Nightmares: No recurring ones.
Superstitions: None.
Traditions: “Er…I go to work early and come home late? I don’t know.”
Best Dream: Seeing his daughter grow up to be a happy, successful, loved adult.
Worst Nightmare: His foster-daughter dying or for some reason coming to hate him. He’s had patients die on the table before. Losing his daughter would at least for a time break him.
Best Memories: The day his foster-daughter first ran toward him and hugged him.
Worst Memories: A catastrophic surgery in which Daeren couldn’t find all of the bleeders, and then he nicked an artery. The patient bled out. Afterward, Daeren had to tell the patient’s family that their loved one had died. He wanted to die, himself.


Name: Loris Hold
Location: North Benden territory
Size: Average size for a hold.
Geography: Mountainous, forested
Weather: Chilly
Industry: Goatherding, growing mountain herbs, making goat cheese, textiles from goat hair.
Local Holders: Holder Denzin and Lady Marise
General character: what it was like? A small, poor Hold, cold and drafty in the winter, pleasant and beautiful in the summer.

Current Residence
Name: Chisel Starhold
Location: Benden Weyr
Size: Pretty large.
Geography: Mountainous.
Weather: Chilly.
Industry: Raising and caring for dragons.
Local Holders/High Ranking Persons/ Notable Characters:
General Character: Very dignified and industrious place that takes pride in its history—even if that history has been muddled by time and politics.

Father, mother, siblings, other relatives in your household growing up. Give names, ages, and current locations and occupations: Father-Seleren. Mother-Adaera. 11 siblings, the last he knew.
What did your family do to earn a living?: Goatherding
Socioeconomic class: Poor
What was your family’s reputation? Honest, hardworking.
Any family myths, curses, or legends? “No time for that nonsense.”
Did any members have a mental illness? “Not really. I’m sure there were a few.”
Were you raised by someone other than your biological parents? “When I went to Chisel Starhold, I was fostered by Tercel, a journeyman Herbalist.”
Do you know anything about your extended family and your relationship with them? “No. I was given to the Starhold at age six and don’t remember much of my family.”

Significant Past Events
Infancy: (3371-3373) Nurtured.
Childhood: (3374-3383) “Mother was, well, fertile. By the time I was six, I had six younger brothers and sisters and five older ones. I, my next older brother, and next younger sister were all three given to the Starhold. Life at Chisel was better. I had a foster-father who had time to teach me things and to listen to me when I spoke with him. It made an immeasurable difference. I missed my parents, but I think they did a good thing in giving the three of us away. From my foster-father I learned patience, good manners, tidiness, devotion to excellence, and self-discipline.”
Adolescence: (3384-3388] Teen years) "The Starhold wanted us all to choose crafts in case we didn’t Impress, and I chose medicine. Best decision of my life. I sought apprenticeship instead of just helping out with Infirmary chores, and I loved it, even though it was a lot of hard work, along with the things I also had to learn for the Starcraft.
Adulthood: (3389+) “I walked the tables at age 18, but since I still had seven turns to go as a Starcraft novice, I couldn’t train as a surgeon at the Medicine Hall; we of the Starcraft are kept very much secluded. So I did my surgery training at Bear Starhold since I pissed off the wrong master at Chisel. After about six turns I was considered trained and was allowed to transfer back to Chisel, thank the stars.”
Foster-father: (3398) “I became Alaera’s foster-father when her parents gave her to the Starhold. I tried to persuade them to take her to Loris, where she could be around other children who couldn’t hear, but, they pretty much just wanted to be rid of her. They never returned for the Claiming ceremony.”
Coming of Age: “Honestly, I think when I took in my foster-daughter is when I really grew up. Sad but true. I adore her.”
Evolution: He has changed from being a boy who essentially ran wild in the mountains to a disciplined, skilled professional.

Social Characteristics
Reputation: “What a hardass! But I want him to operate on me.”
First Impressions: “He looks like he knows what he’s about.”
Stranger Impressions: “I’ve heard he’s very good but doesn’t suffer fools gladly.”
Friendly Impressions: “You know, Daeren, you would catch more flies if you gave them honey and left the vinegar at home.”
Enemy Impressions: “Arrogant, idiot bastard! I really don’t know if the skill of his work outweighs having to tolerate his presence.”
Familiar Impressions: “I know that guy deserved it, but did you really have to be that unvarnishedly accurate?”
Compliments: “Best surgeon I ever worked with. The surgery was almost a disaster, but he was calm and just led us all right through it.”
Insults: “Daeren’s a piece of shit who doesn’t know when to keep his fool mouth shut.”
Self-Impression: “My utter lack of diplomacy is the bane of my existence. But I just don’t know how else to be! Do people want me to lie to them? Why would they? It doesn’t make any sense. I don’t mind apologizing if I’m wrong, but if I think someone’s wrong, I’m going to say so.”

Psychological Archetypes
MBTI Personality Type: INTJ
Temperament: Phlegmatic unless he disagrees with you.
Enneagram: Helper, Achiever, Investigator, Challenger.
Ego/Superego/Id: “There are those who would claim I am all about the ego.”
The Self: Honest, caring, blunt,
The Shadow: Callous
The Anima/Animus: Loves the color blue.
Persona/Mask: Stern, argumentative.

Narrative Elements
Role: Leader
Fulfillment (How well do they serve that role?): Pretty well.
Significance: Because he cares deeply about the things that matter to him, and he is willing to fight for them, to go to any lengths, if need be.
Alignment: Lawful good.
Comparison: A falcon or a hawk—something elegant and beautiful but also powerful and a bit dangerous.
Symbol: “I suppose a scalpel? A needle and suture? I never really gave this much thought.”
Song: “A song to describe me? I have no idea.”
Vice: “Pride or wrath, maybe.”
Virtue: “Patience, diligence, honesty, and temperance. Yes, I can be temperate.”
Defining Moment: “Finding and closing off bleeders.”
Tropes: Brilliant, asshole surgeon trope.
Originality: “I’m not really an asshole. Am I?” Not a jerk in the OR or with most patients. Is warm-hearted and has a decent bedside manner. Is very attentive to his patients, particularly when speaking to them face-to-face. He pays close attention so he can notice small details that might speak of neurological or other deficits.
One Word: Determined.

Occupation and Education
Level of Education: Highest level of education attainable on Pern.
Approximate IQ: 140
Favorite Subject of Study or greatest Scholastic strength:
Guild/Craft: Medicine/healing
Rank: Journeyman healer, attained in 3389 at Chisel Starhold.
Specialization: General surgery, trauma surgery.
Work Ethic: High.
Base of Operations: Chisel Starhold, then Astraea Weyr
Mentors: Journeyman Herbalist Tercel, other surgeons TBD
Colleagues: TBD
Significant Achievements: Attained journeyman rank as a healer. Is raising a daughter.
Dragon/Wher/Firelizard: None


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