Painter, Candidate?


Basic Information
Full name: Mikal
Pronunciation: Mee-kall
Sign: The Chisel
Affiliation: Formerly the Painter’s Hall

Physical Characteristics
Gender: Male
Gender Role: Male
Birthdate: Chisel, 1,
Real Age: 20
Age Appearance: 20-25 range
Preferred Hand: Left
Facial Type: Oblong
Eye Color: Desaturated green
Hair Color: Mouse Brown
Hairstyle: medium short
Skin Tone: Pale Olive
Complexion: Natural tendency to oily skin
Body Type: Ectomorph
Build: Lanky for his height, but with some muscle tone from activity
Height: 73 inches
Weight: 150
Facial Hair: Sparse stubble when unshaved
Shoe Size: Size 13 men’s
Birthmarks/scars: Mild freckling on shoulders. Innocuous childhood scars on arms and legs. Notable burn scars no bigger than a thumbprint on left forearm and left leg.
Distinguishing Features: Long fingers and toes, prominent nose.

Inner Workings
Health: Good Health
Energy: Capable of average sustained work, especially several hours of walking/hiking
Memory: Has a tendency to remember things poignant or stands out to him. While others completely slips his mind, especially people’s names. However he has a tendency to remember nearly everything he takes the time to draw.
Senses: Excellent sense of smell and taste. Hearing dulled in left ear
Allergies: Excessive pollen makes him feel less than ideal.
Handicaps: Lessened hearing in left ear from trauma.
Phobias: The dark. A healthy amount of hesitance towards whers and dragons. Fear of falling from a great height.
Addictions: Escapism. Klah. Predisposed to alcohol addiction but self regulates.

Wardrobe: Nondescript tunics and pants of dark color.
Accessories and Trinkets: Reed-woven bracelet.
Prized Posessions: His art set of drawing utensils, watercolor pigments and ink.
Style: When funds allow, he goes for crisp and utilitarian, and dark tones so that they don’t show the stains from his work.
Mode of Dress: This depends entirely on the occasion. Is he a week into a huge project? He might look like he just rolled out of his cot in his clothes.. because that’s likely what happened. When not ensconced into the recesses of whatever part of his mind while mulling over an artistic problem and has to actually go out into society, his clothes are well pressed and worn with a methodical precision that leans toward complete control over his person instead of a testament to fashion.
Grooming: He’s either a complete ratted mess that smells of klah and alcohol, or is clean cut and smelling of a nondescript soap. However, the smell of pungent ink looms over him regardless, and no amount of scrubbing relieves himself of the faintest stain of ink beneath his trimmed fingernails.
Posture: His posture in motion depends on what has caught his attention, and follows his eyes. When in deep thought it slouches forward while he finds something particularly interesting about the dirt beneath his feet, but on the occasion he looks out into the world for inspiration and reference, his eyes are up and looking at nature, relaxing his shoulders and angling him into something a bit less torturous for his spine.
Gait: No matter what else, his stride is far reaching and very often frantic, as if eager to get to his next destination in something of a power-walk. He often needs to be reminded to slow down when traveling with someone else.
Coordination: He is relatively fit, especially for cardio work. However his coordination entirely depends on how aware he is of his surroundings. In his own head, he’s known to run straight into doors, walls.. people. If he’s staring between, he’s likely to run into something. However, when actually paying attention he’s quite light on his feet.
Voice: Clipped and nearly frantic, punching out his words in methodical monotone with a hint of sarcasm. His voice is within a mid-range, not particularly high or low. There is a slight regional roughneck’s drawl that escapes every once in a while but he keeps it very carefully leashed in most situations.
Scent: He generally smells a lot like his work. Inks and carbon and leathers. His favored soap is utilitarian and crisp, and when he sweats it is oily and peppery. Whether someone likes it or not entirely depends on them.


Primary Motivator: Being able to get back to his own personal works.
Sense of Humor: Slightly dark at times with a tendency to be dark. Every once in a while, a cheesy pun will make him snort. Generally it is the honesty behind humor that makes him laugh. The person’s enthusiasm for their own jokes sometimes endears him to them.
Emotional Disposition: Methodically distant.
Moodiness: Moderate. He keeps it to himself, and is more likely to walk off than go off on a tizzy in front of someone.

Core Traits
Outlook: Introspective/Analytical
Integrity: Complicated outlook. Weighs the situation, magnanimity or perceived cruelty may result.
Impulsiveness: Controlled
Boldness: Reserved and calculated
Flexibility: Listens to reason
Affinity: Cold/An… Acquired Taste
Comportment: Aloof
Interactivity: Seeks interesting conversation/individuals.
Disclosure: As-Needed
Conformity: Whatever is required to suit his needs

Secondary Traits

Sexual Orientation: Straight
Libido: Fluctuating
Sexual Expressiveness: Low // Active inclusion of personal interests/activities with individual plus awkwardness
Sexual Expressive Style: Intense and hands-on
Openness to Sexual Experience: Infinitely picky/Not Open
Promiscuity: Very Low

Emotional Details
Strengths: Logical, thoughtful, introspective, creative
Flaws: Aloof, distant, mind is often ‘elsewhere’ in his own works
Conflicts: Idiotic and shallow people who force him into interaction
Instincts: Retract into his emotional shell. lash out verbally when left with no choice
Lures: People who stand out of the crowd. Complicated people, even if their ideals are different from his own.
Soft Spot: Children, animals, even the ones he’s terrified of.
Cruel Streak: People who are obnoxious and self righteous, or those who impose themselves upon him only to find his manner unappealing and berates him for it. His words can be especially cruel and disparaging. Ex: “Your vile tongue alone makes me wish thread still existed so that it may burn that idiocy from your throat” Mind you, the extend of how far he’s willing to go with this depends on that person’s rank and if they may slit his throat if he said such a thing.

Mental Details
Topics of Conversation: Art, food, nature, politics, conflict, higher meanings in life, controversial topics, deep insight
Quirks, Habits, and Oddities: When lounging, he puts an arm over his head and rests it there. He also has a tendency to stand ‘stork’ style, especially when he’s fidgety and tired of staying in one place. Sometimes while working he makes strange faces and even strange noises mimicking animals or inanimate objects… probably for his own amusement.
Hobbies and Enjoyments: Walking in nature, camping, trying new food, drawing and painting, conversation, alcohol
Accomplishments: Reaching his level of artistic skill.
Greatest Achievement: Was requested to paint a well known Pillowcrafter. His personal greatest achievement was having snuck up upon a sleeping wild firelizard to sketch it in great detail when he was sixteen. The beauty and rarity of the moment is something he treasures to this day.
Biggest Failure: He once hated a particular assignment so greatly that he turned in a crude caricature of the model to spite the instructor. Instead, he’s offended the model and had nearly gotten thrown out of the program had it not been for a lengthy appeal process.
Secrets: He once wished death upon his bullying and (in his mind) simple Bear of a sister right to her face, in front of his family. She died a week later in an accident while hunting in the woods. He was shipped out early to be apprenticed after this. Only his family knows of this, and he has told nobody else.
Regrets: He regrets the caricature he drew in the class, because in retrospect the seemingly boring lesson was an important one about shading techniques.
Worries: His competence and growth as an artist and person, running out of ideas, not making his mark on the world
Likes: Food, Klah, animals, nature, camping,
Dislikes: People who try to change him
Pet Peeves: Touching paper with dry hands. Euuugh. High/grating voices.
Dreams/Nightmares: Falling from a great height. He’s usually able to fly in his dreams, but in nightmares his ‘wings’ give way and he plummets to the ground.
Superstitions: The words he says and writes has weight. He chooses them very carefully. When he says something cruel, the frightening thing is that he actually means it. On this note, he does not sign a work until is is completely finished. To sign it is to make it final, and touching it up after is breaking a physical contract.
Traditions: When he has a creative rut, he likes to sit down with an entire bottle of wine, sketching utensils and parchment and stay up all night. He’s sick as a dog the next day and considers this a cathartic cleansing of the body and mind.
Best Dream: His blending of storytelling and artwork become an accepted practice (Psst… comic books!)
Worst Nightmare: He loses his hands
Best Memories: Moving out of his parent’s hold and into the Painter’s Hall. Being given his art kit.
Worst Memories: His father telling him he’d been born under the wrong star sign.

Name: Paradise River Hold
Location: Forester’s outpost
Size: An outpost of 25 or so individuals.
Geography: Tropical (I think?)
Weather: Moderate/hot with rainy season
Industry: Forestry and hunting
Local Holders/High Ranking Persons/ Notable Characters: The head hunter of the group, Gorghoff
General character: Rough and frontiers-like. Most everyone were of the sign of the bear and children were typically attempted to be conceived so that their birthdays lay on the right month.
Or were you born isolated from a population center or in a group/family that travelled? Fairly isolated, with a day’s trip out to get to Paradise River Hold

Current Residence
(Borrowed from Keahi)
Name: Astraea Weyr
Location: Monaco Bay ruins
Size: Small
Geography: Sandstone cliffs and caverns near a thin beach. Dry prairies on Plateau
Weather: Hot and Dry except in winter
Industry: Dragonriding
Local Holders/High Ranking Persons/ Notable Characters:
General Character: Ramshackle, Exciting, Secretive

Father: Marlof, 60, Hunter
Mother: Ikali, 43, Housewife
Siblings: Imaf(F)(Deceased at 19) Apprentice Hunter, Kalmov(M), (9 years younger)

What did your family do to earn a living?: Father worked in the forestry craft, specifically as a hunter.
Socioeconomic class: Lower middle class. Access to some luxury goods but mostly made things at home. Subsisted much off of bartering and creating homemade crafts (Not officially trained) amongst lower income folk. Comfortable living.
What was your family’s reputation? Rough, but respectable if not reserved in their traditions. Slightly isolationist.
Any family myths, curses, or legends? Star sign compatibility was very important. Most of the working folk were Bear type, and tended to marry rabbit women for their fertility, or foal types.
Did any members have a mental illness? Uknown
Were you raised by someone other than your biological parents? No
Do you know anything about your extended family and your relationship with them? No
Significant Past Events
(may be in list or paragraph form, but must include approximate date)
Infancy: ([0-2]
Mikal was born in the Chisel month on the morning of the first day. The family had attempted to lie about it and pass their son off as a bear star sign, but the midwife went back on her word and told their secret out of fear that the stars would spell out disaster for her if she lied.
Childhood: ([3-12] What was it like for your character growing as a kid ?)
As a child, his parents forced it down his throat that he should become a woodworker, something that would find him a place in their town. However, Mikal seemed to find his way into doing what he wanted even when his parents stole away every writing utensil from him and forcing hammer and nail into his hand. Even upon building a small box in his shop class however, he’d relish in the task of decorating it with paint. As he grew older, his penchant for daydreaming and weaving intricate imaginary tales to accompany his artistic endeavors made him the target of his older sister. It was when he was 10 that he snapped and wished death upon his sister. When it actually happened… his parents sent him away for good to Cove Hold where he would receive training in the Painter Craft. They’d said it was for the best, and made everyone happy. It was a kind way of disowning Mikal, if one’s to be absolutely truthful.
Important notes: Family often referenced that he was born in the ‘wrong’ star sign, harboring a deep seated worry and near resentment toward their son since if he’d just come one day earlier, he’d have been a Bear sign like his father. His sister picked up on this within the family and was likely feeding on parental resentment when it came to shaping her view of her introverted brother.
Adolescence: ([13-17] Teen years)
He trained dutifully under his instructors for the most part, relishing in the new challenges that aligned with his interests. Whenever his creativity was stifled for the sake of process, he was particularly resentful. It took several years and a near expulsion from the program to learn to carefully rein it in. He managed a few friendships here and there, many of which fell through when his peers were relocated to different parts of the continent for experience out in the world.
Was very spiteful and suspicious of people’s intentions during this stage, especially when he felt they were trying to mold him outside of what he desired to become. It wasn’t until he matured more that he realized there was wisdom and good to glean from his instructors if he’d just look for it.

Adulthood: ([18+] When your character has fully matured. If your character isn’t yet an adult, plan what would happen to them in the future.)
His magnum opus of sorts became his focus in the last few years, coping with a simmering undercurrent of frustration at his continued apprentice status by forging forward with his studies of the outside world, honing his abilities to draw scenery and imagery from nature in a detailed sketchbook as he made to travel further and further away from Cove Hold. He was to use this sketchbook as a personal reference to himself for his future works. (No google images to reference and all that) His latest excursion took him to the hot and arid plateaus around the abandoned Monaco Bay ruins. It was by happenstance that he stumbled upon a dragon and rider hunting on the plains, and was hastily taken hostage.
Coming of Age: He probably grew out of his ‘hot headed whelp’ stage at around 17 years of age, so it certainly wasn’t very long ago. However, it likely feels like ages to him relative to how young he is.
Evolution: He’s went from being particularly vicious and outspoken to reining it in and becoming much more analytical. He developed a near obsession to maintain control over his personal faculties over the years in a way that may be somewhat unhealthy. He’s having to get over some inadequacies he feels because of his parents.

Social Characteristics
Reputation: Strange, cold, maybe a little creepy
First Impressions: What’s with that little smirk he does? Did I say something funny? Is he laughing at me? I can’t decide if he’s a complete jerk or if his humor is actually something I can ethically find funny.
Stranger Impressions: I… wait, you talk to that guy? I didn’t think he talked to anyone except the crazy old guy who raves about the ‘good old days’. I always thought it’s because the crazy guy is the only one batty enough to be his friend.
Friendly Impressions: He’s… actually not bad! Honest! Don’t tell him I told you but once you get past that cold shoulder, he’s really interesting to talk to. It’s funny… he never really seems too busy to look at something if I need his opinion.
Enemy Impressions: He’s the worst of the worst. Honestly, don’t even try to talk to this guy. He’ll make your grandmother cry and not feel the slightest bit of remorse. I bet he’d kill someone without a second thought, he’s that heartless.
Familiar Impressions:
Family: We don’t talk about him any more. Everyone’s better off now, is all.
Friends: OH. Gosh, that guy. What’s he doing nowadays? Always felt that he’d either go on to become a genius or just.. snap and kill everyone, you know?
Lover: Well, I… He’s.. very intense, you know? He’s so cold on the outside but when it comes down to it, he feels everything with so much intensity.. You should hear him talk when he really gets into it. He talks about good food… it’s like making love with words.
Fellow Artist: He’s got a method to what he does. Everything is planned and has meaning. He doesn’t do things in half measures.
Compliments: “He’s got a good sense of what he wants to do in life, I think” , “Very, very dedicated to what he does.” , “Wow.. I mean, he drew that sketch in five minutes flat. How does anyone even do that? He swears up and down that his peers can do the exact same thing. I guess it’s because I’m not an artist.”
Insults: Jerk, asshole, cold-hearted bastard, shifty,
Self-Impression: He needs to improve himself.. to reach the best that he can be at his craft. He sees value in his own work but is always striving to perfect his method. He often worries that he’s too cold and somehow broken, and that he should make an effort to be nicer to people.. then someone does something idiotic and he remembers why he has so little faith in humanity.

Psychological Archetypes
MBTI Personality Type: INTP
Temperament: “Green” Personality. Analytical and Curious. Phlegmatic
Enneagram: Reformer/Enthusiast
Ego/Superego/Id: Superego
The Self: A creator looking to share with the world some part of him that he feels is very important to him, but only through art.
The Shadow: A pessimist who sees the worst in people before he sees the good.
Persona/Mask: Cold and calculated

Narrative Elements
Role: Facilitator, thought leader
Fulfillment: Moderately. Dependent on how well he gets along with particular characters.
Significance: Maybe he doesn’t. Maybe he’s another fly on the wall, destined to live and die with not so much as a blip on anyone’s radar. With any luck however, he will eventually make true and deep connections with other people. Maybe his ability to take a step back and think on the situation will give sway to a very big decision. Only time and RP will tell.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral (His ‘lawful’ nature may not always coincide with local ‘laws’ but rather his personal moral code.)
Comparison: I’d be lying if there wasn’t some influence from Spock and Professor Snape with a mix of… something else.
Symbol: A dip pen. Very important to him. Symbolic in that he writes his own destiny.
Song: Elastic Heart — Sia
Vice: Wrath
Virtue: Diligence
Defining Moment: When he sees someone emotionally moved by his art.
Tropes: Brooding artist. Tsundere mindest. ‘I’m so cold ooo look at me so cool I’m such an asshole but honest if you get to know me I’m so deeep’ gags
Originality: He’s the brooding guy who’ll actually get out of his corner and TALK to people!
One Word: Subjective

Occupation and Education
Level of Education: Early College
Approximate IQ: 130
Favorite Subject of Study or greatest Scholastic strength: Art
Guild/Craft: Painting Craft
Rank: Apprentice, on the cusp of Journeyman Status
Specialization: Inks and watercolor
Work Ethic: Dedicated
Base of Operations: Cove Hold / Out in the ‘field’
Mentors: Instructors at Cove Hold
Colleagues: —
Significant Achievements: Portrait of a well known (within whatever circle she’s known in) Pillowcraft lady, his two-inch thick sketchbook filled partway with detailed references of landscape, landmarks, fauna and flora.



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