S'wan of Bronze Rashnuth

Cantor Master Healer to the rescue


In-depth Character Sheet

Basic Information

Full name: S’wan
Pronunciation: Setiawan
Meaning: loyal friend
Nickname/alias: the Healer
Sign: Arrow
Rank: Cantor
Affiliation: Astraea Weyr

Physical Characteristics


Gender: male
Gender Role: metrosexual mostly hetero male
Birthdate: 10.4.3364
Real Age: 37
Age Appearance: mid-thirties
Preferred Hand: left-handed
Facial Type: narrow oval
Eye Color: golden-green
Hair Color sandy blond
Hairstyle: shoulder length, straight, usually in a ponytail
Skin Tone: warmly tanned
Complexion: lightly freckled
Body type: ecto-mesomorph
Build: tall, somewhat lanky, lightly muscled
Height: six foot two
Weight: 190
Shoe Size: size 10
Birthmarks/scars: scars from slitting wrists
Distinguishing Features: S’wan’s golden hair and his tendency to wear black are probably his most disguising characteristics

Inner Workings

Health: S’wan is fairly physically well, but he has mental demons that give him depressive episodes
Energy: Fairly energetic, but not manic by any means
Memory: S’wan has an excellent memory, especially for people and his own past. It’s actually a bit of a setback that he can’t forget his own past.
Senses: S’wan has excellent eyesight and sense of touch, though his hearing was damaged by childhood abuse
Phobias: tunnelsnakes, being alone forever, never being free, fire


Wardrobe: S’wan likes black and us thought of as a somewhat ostentatious dresser, for a man. He likes tall boots with many buckles and vest accented with fur. Never feminine but sort of gothic-rogue
Accessories and Trinkets: His jewelry style is a bit less ostentatious, he likes gold but usually limits himself to a couple gold hoops in each ear and a simple pendant on a chain.
Prized Posessions: his cat, Sir Pounce
Mode of Dress: stylish, but not overdone
Grooming: fairly immaculate, unless in the middle of work. He takes care of himself, but doesn’t mind getting dirty for a good cause.
Posture: confident, unless he’s feeling depressed, in which case he looks like he’s expecting to be hit at any moment
Gait: confident stride
Coordination: S’wan has steady hands, perfect for delicate work, and is neither particularly clumsy or agile on his feet.
Voice: Sad, clear, tenor
Scent: Faint mannish musk with hints of dusty leather, numbweed, redwort, and dragon hide


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Primary Motivator: liberation/beneficence
Sense of Humor: cynical, sarcastic
Emotional Disposition: melancholy
Moodiness: moody

Core Traits

Outlook: cynical
Integrity: pragmatic
Impulsiveness: thoughtful
Boldness: reckless
Flexibility: forgiving
Affinity: altruistic
Comportment: gruff and critical to most, has a sensitive side
Interactivity: loner
Disclosure: frank
Conformity: shocking

Secondary Traits


Sexual Orientation: mostly heterosexual
Libido: healthy
Sexual Expressiveness: flirtatious
Sexual Expressive Style: romantic
Openness to Sexual Experience: moderate
Promiscuity: monogamous to poly amorous depending on his feelings for individuals involved

Emotional Details

Strengths: brave, compassionate, intelligent, determined
Flaws: refuses help, can go to extremes if not reigned in, inclined to depression and self-harm
Conflicts: the desire to help others vs. the desire for freedom
Instincts: nurturing those who are hurt and rebelling against those that abuse their power or do nothing to help
Lures: the underdog, the fringe movement
Soft Spot: the oppressed, the stigmatized
Cruel Streak: those who abuse the defenseless

Mental Details

Topics of Conversation: He talks a lot about freedom from the Starhold, and about his past, if he’s opened up enough to do more than talk pleasantries
Quirks, Habits, and Oddities: loves cats, will leave milk out for them. Is superstitious.
Hobbies and Enjoyments: reading, writing, petting cats, helping others
Accomplishments:Impressing Rashnuth, becoming a journeyman, becoming a Cantor, creating trouble for the Archon
Greatest Achievement: saving his mentor from a potentially lethal infection
Biggest Failure: in his opinion, letting his sister die, though it wasn’t his fault
Secrets: that the Archon of Crow Starhold killed novices, including his best friend
Regrets: not having any meaningful relationships, not being able to bring real change
Worries: that he will fail to save his patients, that he’ll lose control of his life
Likes: cats, books, flying
Dislikes: crowds, authority
Pet Peeves: ignorant people
Dreams/Nightmares: S’wan dreams of Perm being free of the tyranny of the Starholds, he has nightmares of his past and of Rashnuth dying
Superstitions: S’wan never goes anywhere without his mother’s necklace, and he grips it whenever he is afraid or upset, he secretly believes that she protects him and gives him advice in his dreams
Traditions: He always puts a vase of flowers or plants by the portraits of his mother and his staff step in the anniversaries of their deaths
Best Dream: To have freed Pern and found love with someone who shares his dreams
Worst Nightmare: To lose Rashnuth or to be unable to be a Healer any more. To be trapped in a fire.
Best Memories: his mother singing, Rashnuth’s Hatching
Worst Memories: his mother’s death, his sister’s death, his best friend’s death



Name-Sinking Sun Hold
Location- Minor Hold beholden to Xanadu Hold
Size- medium to small
Geography- tropical grassland
Weather- warm, wet in the winter, hot and dry in the summer
Industry: farming, herdbeasts, orchards, leatherworking
Local Holders/High Ranking Persons/ Notable Characters:
Lord Holder Skarn, Master Leatherworker Zadrel, Master Healer Breviana
General character: traditional, industrious, patriarchal. A bit backward.

Current Residence

Name: Crow Starhold
Location: a half ruined Weyr on the shores of the Sea of Azov
Size: – small
Geography: mountainous
Weather: cool and dry
Industry: Starcrafting, forestry, fur-trapping
Local Holders/High Ranking Persons/ Notable Characters: Archon S’zar of bronze Slyrinth, Disciple W’fric and brown Albuth, Disciple V’mor and bronze Riddelth, Disciple S’rus and blue Princeth
General Character: strict, dour, tense


Father: Setinar, a healer, deceased
stepfather Grevin, hold folk, deceased, abusive, ignorant, stubborn
Mother: Cerawany, deceased, gentle, creative, ex-Weaver
Siblings Cerati, deceased, quiet, nurturing, shy, half brother Grawan is 24. Whereabouts currently unknown.
What did your family do to earn a living?: After Setiawan’s father died, his mother supported them with weaving, barely. Then she remarried and they moved to Grevin’s cot, where they raised herdbeasts and grew grains.
Socioeconomic class: lowest middle
What was your family’s reputation?: mostly unknown. Cerawany had been well-liked, but Grevin most people thought was kind of a stupid bully, but essentially harmless.
Any family myths, curses, or legends? well, the crazed teenage boy who killed his whole family in a fire is now a legend in the area.
Did any members have a mental illness? not known
Do you know anything about your extended family and your relationship with them? All of the extended family remained on the Northern continent and S’wan has never met them.

Significant Past Events

Infancy: Setiawan was the second child for Setinar and his Cerawany. With a boy and a girl, they felt their family was complete. But Setinar, a dedicated Healer, was killed in a tragic accident, trying to save children in a house fire. Setiawan was only nine months old. Cerawany, having no local family, managed to barely support her two children with weaving.

Childhood: Though their financial situation was not ideal, S’wan remembers his childhood fondly. His mother was gentle and beautiful. She used to sing while she worked the loom. S’wan and his older sister Cerati would do odd jobs for spare coins and use it to buy special things fir the family. Maybe a fancy cake, a pretty skein of fabric, or a wheel of cheese.

When S’wan was seven, his mother’s cat Delilah had kittens. His mother, by chance, was not at home so the panicked children ran to the local healer. Breviana humored the children and ‘helped’ deliver the kittens. She was so kind to S’wan that he began to hang around her clinic, learning.

Adolescence: When S’wan was twelve, his mother began to be courted by a local man, a farmer named Grevin. S’wan never particularly liked him and the feeling was mutual. But Cerawany was charmed, at first, and she thought it would be better for her kids to have soace, and time outdoors, and a more stable income. So the two wed and the family moved to the nearby cothold. But as soon as Cerawany was pregnant, which happened within a few months, things began to slowly deteriorate. Grevin began to be actually mean to S’wan and Cerati, yelling at them, slapping them. He was controlling, and very critical of the children. S’wan, especially, he wanted sent away. Actually, Setiawan wanted to apprentice as a Healer, but his mother begged him to wait until after the new baby was born. Unfortunately, Cerawany did not survive the birthing of her son Grawan. Grevin really lost it after that. He beat Setiawan black and blue about a week later, and three weeks after that, he started to look at fifteen year old Cerati.. Differently.

One night, S’wan had a bad dream, and he went out to the loft, were Cerati slept, to talk to her. That’s when he heard the screaming. Setiawan was quite old enough to know exactly what was going on, but he knew Grevin was hurting his sister and she was fighting him. Then, Grevin hit her, and she tripped backwards, and fell out of the hayloft. Cerati had a broken neck; she was dead. S’wan must’ve screamed because Grevin looked up and yelled. S’wan ran, kicking over his own lantern, which caught the hay on fire. It went up like a torch in the dry summer heat. S’wan was halfway across the field when he realized what was happening. He didn’t even considering not going back for his baby brother. He carried the month old infant two miles to the next Cothold, running all the way.
The boys were orphans.

Once it was declared that the fire had been an accident (though not all folk believed it), the Starhold agreed to take Setiawan, despite his age. Baby Grawan was to be raised by Grevin’s sister and her husband. Setiawan became a Novice at thirteen, bereft of home and kin. He tried to kill himself, that first night and the Healers had to sew his wrists back up.

Coming of Age Setiawan didn’t exactly prosper at Crow Starhold, but it wasn’t as bad as he might’ve thought. The Novice Master was kind, and not only did he recommend that Setiawan apprentice as a Healer right away, but he encouraged the traumatized boy to seek the counsel of a Healer that specialized in hurts of the mind. W’fric was a Cantor Starcrafter, serving under old Disciple G’ryff, but no matter how busy he got, he still took patients that really needed him. And he was taken by the bright but unlucky young boy. He not only helped Setiawan to recover, but took him under his wing, introducing him to some of the other young Novices who would become his best friends. Jamric, Lerupin, Silerius, and Wortong.

All five boys went to the Hatching the very next Turn. Silerius became S’rus of bronze Reguluth, Lerupin became L’pin of brown Aconith, and Setiawan himself became S’wan of bronze Rashnuth. He’d never thought of himself as a leader, but found that he didn’t mind it so much when they were practicing drills. He graduated from Initiate at sixteen, and to his surprise, was placed back at Crow Starhold for his first posting. Perhaps W’fric had asked for him. Then something happened that turned his whole world upside down.

Jamric and Wortong were still Novices, and one day, S’wan was going to go get them to help bathe Rashnuth, more for fun than anything else. But he happened to come upon something he didn’t want to see. It seemed to be a habit. The Archon, a scary man named S’zar, went into a storeroom, leading Wortong by the shoulder and shut the door. A moment later, Jamric ran up and pushed the door open, yelling “STOP!” There was a a commotion and yelling. Then silence. Out came S’zar carrying the broken body of Jamric, Wortong following like a beaten puppy. They never noticed him. S’zar brushed Jamric’s death under the rug, blaming a fall from a ledge. S’wan only told W’fric, but he hated the Archon and Wortong from then on. Soon after, S’wan was transferred to Dolphin Starhold, but the memory ate at him.

He began to see the many injustices of the Starholds. He detested them. So much so that it might have become a dangerous obsession, had he not been so busy. Not only was he a Starcrafter, but they were so short on skilled Healers that he had been required to continue those studies as well. Not that he minded. Healing was the one thing that gave his life real purpose. That, and his adopted feline, Sir Claw.

Adulthood: After a stint at Foal Starhold, he was not only ready for his permanent posting, but was also a sr. Journeyman healer. He was called back to Crow Starhold. S’wan didn’t really want to go, but W’fric begged. Plus L’pin and S’rus would be there also. In fact, W’fric had been promoted to Disciple (to everyone’s surprise, since he had never gotten on with S’zar) when G’ryff had died and he wanted L’pin, S’rus and S’wan to be his Cantors. There was some talk about this, none of the three were yet thirty Turns, S’wan himself being barely twenty, but most in the Starhold trusted W’fric and the three young Cantors did fairly well under his guidance.

W’fric too was troubled by the things he’d seen in the Starholds, and even more so by the things his occasional patients still told him. Things needed to change. He taught his Cantors how to be subtle agents of reform. How to bring up the youngsters believing in freedom, how to undermine the authority of the Archon. Wortong, now W’ton, was a Cantor eventually too, under V’nor, a man possibly even more evil than S’zar. Only S’wan was unsurprised by this betrayal.

Turns passed. S’wan was passed up to Master Healer after saving W’fric from a terrible infection in his hand. S’zar remained Archon, though his influence waned and it was rumored that he was no longer a favorite of the traditional faction. Sir Claw died and S’wan adopted a new kitten called Sir Pounce. He still seethed with revo,union are ideas, barely kept in check by W’fric’s counsel.

Then Makedath called and everything was thrown into chaos. Rashnuth did not win the Flight, so he Abd S’wan were obliged by their rank to return to Crow Starhold, though the faint promise of freedom called to them like a siren song. But W’fric dud need them. He was growing old and frail. S’wan feared he would not live long. He had chosen L’pin to replace him as Disciple, which suited S’wan fine. Perhaps when L’pin took the reins, S’wan could check out this new Weyr.

Then he got an urgent call from L’pin, who had attended the Clutching Feast with W’fric. Something was happening. They needed Healers, fast. S’wan went without hesitation.

Evolution: W’fric dies the day after the clutching debacle. L’pin takes the reins, as planned. S’wan is still at Astraea, coping with the most affected and L’pin orders him to stay as his eyes and ears. Plus he knows that’s what S’wan really wants. S’wan will be a tireless champion of Astraea’s cause, and the more he feels like he’s doing good, the more balanced and happy he’ll become.

Social Characteristics

Reputation: Mostly known as a brilliant Healer and one of the youngest riders ever made Cantor.
First Impressions: Intense, moody
Stranger Impressions: Brilliant, maybe a bit crazy, very reserved
Friendly Impressions: Soft-hearted, brilliant, passionate
Enemy Impressions: A troublemaker
Familiar Impressions: Moody, genius, loyal, passionate,
Compliments: smart, talented, compassionate
Insults: moody, rebellious, crazy
Self-Impression: S’wan is aware that his moods get the better of him and he hates himself for it. He is riddled by guilt from many things in his past. He doesn’t see himself as the genius that everyone else does.

Psychological Archetyoes

MBTI Personality Type: INFJ
Temperament: Melancholy
Enneagram: The Individualist
Ego/Superego/Id: Id
The Self: A brilliant mind and a passionate heart who yearns for freedom
The Shadow: A stubborn idealist who will do anything to get what he want
Persona/mask: a cool, logical, scientist

Narrative Elements

Role: Support and inspiration
Fulfillment: he will never let Astraea give up on the dream of freedom. But he will also do his best to heal the bodies and hearts of the populace
Significance: S’wan’s revolutionary leaning and leadership training will serve Astraea well in the years to come. And his Healers training may be the only thing keeping the Weyr together after the clutching feast fiasco.
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Comparison: a smoldering fire
Symbol: flames
Song: Leave out all the rest, Lonkin Park
Vice: Wrath
Virtue: Compassion
Defining Moment: His handling of the Clutching Crisis
Tropes: a wounded man with a terrible past, a healer making up for past wrongs, a semi-crazed revolutionary
Originality: Not going to lie, S’wan is Anders from dragon age. Only not magic, or possessed. Also not going to blow anything up.
One Word: intense

Occupation and Education

Level of Education: Master Healer
Approximate IQ: 160



Name: Rashnuth
Pronunciation: rahsh-NOOTH
Meaning: Justice, I think
Age: 23
Hatch Date: 2.20.3378
Sire/Dame: Carzith/Golauth


Color: CC9911
Length: 39 feet
Egg Apperance: half black and half yellow with an image of a set of scales
Build: blocky and muscular
Markings: A darker mask and dorsal ridge
Other Distinguishing Features: long, whippy tail


Primary Motivator: Order
Sense of Humor: dry
Emotional Disposition: serious
Moodiness: even-tempered

Core Traits

Outlook: confident
Integrity: responsible
Impulsiveness: deliberate
Boldness: vigilant
Flexibility: tolerant
Affinity: supportive
Comportment: courteous
Interactivity: taciturn
Disclosure: closed
Conformity: formal

Significant relationships: none but his lifemate


names: Sir Pounce
Species: feline
Color: orange tabby
Description: Sir Pounce is a young tomcat, about three Turns in age. He is feisty but affectionate towards S’wan, and is an excellent Hunter. He’s aloof to strangers and other cats but fascinated by firelizards.


S'wan of Bronze Rashnuth

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