Rider of Copper Makedath


In-depth Character Sheet

Basic Information

Full name: Keahi
Pronunciation: KAY-ah-HEE
Meaning: the fire
Nickname/alias: Kay
Sign: Fox
Rank: Weyrwoman
Affiliation: Astraea Weyr

Physical Characteristics


Gender: female
Gender Role: non-traditional feminine
Birthdate: 27.9.3382
Real Age: 19 Turns
Age Appearance: early twenties
Preferred Hand: Right handed
Facial Type: thin oval
Eye Color: green with gold centers
Hair Color: copper with honey highlights
Hairstyle: long and way, sometimes worn loose or in a runner tail but most often braided in tiny braids and pulled up.
Skin Tone: light caramel
Complexion: smooth, slightly freckled on cheeks but fairly clear
Body type: somewhere between ectomorph and mesomorph, lean and lithe
Build: long-legged, slender, lightly muscled, a dancer’s build
Height: five foot nine
Weight: 145
Cup Size: A-cup, small
Shoe Size: long, narrow, size eight
Birthmarks/scars: A jagged scar on her right elbow from falling while scaling cliffs.
Distinguishing Features: Besides her long copper hair, Keahi is an average, though slender, pernese female.

Inner Workings

Health: Keahi is fairly healthy, though not above average considering her youth and physical fitness
Energy: she has good stamina for work or play, but never any real bursts of energy, just slow and steady
Memory: She has an excellent visual memory and a decent aural memory, but no head for numbers or trivia
Senses: Keahi has better than average hearing and smell, eyesight average, not very sensitive to touch
Phobias: Most afraid of losing her dragon, or otherwise being forced into a traditional holder life. Also not too crazy about bugs.


Wardrobe: Right now, not much more than than homemade loincloths, sandals and ponchos made of badly cured hides, old blankets, or sailcloth and a few ill fitting tunics
Accessories and Trinkets: One of Makedath’s baby teeth on a leather cord
Prized Posessions: A small spyglass, a hand made spear
Style: utilitarian
Mode of Dress: no matter what she’s wearing, Keahi seems to always look like she’s wearing the highest of fashion.
Grooming: though generally well-kept she doesn’t mind getting messy for a good cause
Posture: elegant, graceful, proud, and just a little bit sensual
Gait: smooth and unhurried, with a bit of hip sway
Coordination: Keahi is very fit, though not particularly muscular, and has deftly quick reflexes and excellent flexibility
Voice: Warm, slightly husky, but still youthful
Scent: Like most dragonriders, Keahi always has a slight odor of musk and cinnamon along with her own scent of faint citrus.


Primary Motivator: Rebuilding the Weyr (creation/rebellion/ recognition)
Sense of Humor: dry
Emotional Disposition: curious
Moodiness: even-tempered

Core Traits

Outlook: optimistic
Integrity: conscientious
Impulsiveness: controlled
Boldness: intrepid
Flexibility: stubborn
Affinity: warm
Comportment: agreeable
Interactivity: engaging
Disclosure: candid
Conformity: heterodox

Secondary Traits


Sexual Orientation: heterosexual
Libido: healthy
Sexual Expressiveness: flirtatious
Sexual Expressive Style: seductive
Openness to Sexual Experience: adventurous
Promiscuity: medium

Emotional Details

Strengths: strong-willed, courageous
Flaws: untrusting, contemptuous of holders
Conflicts: the issue of dragonrider secrecy, rebuilding the weyr by restoring traditions or upturning them?
Instincts: rebel against tradition
Lures: the unknown, adventure
Soft Spot: misfits, especially teenagers, animals
Cruel Streak: does not like traditional male authority figures

Mental Details

Topics of Conversation: her dragon, future plans, tradition are dumb
Quirks, Habits, and Oddities: pacing when agitated, humming when happy
Hobbies and Enjoyments: flying, running, swimming, cooking
Accomplishments: Impressing Makedath, spearing her first fish, surviving alone for two Turns
Greatest Achievement: flying with her dragon for the first time
Biggest Failure: not earning the love of her parents
Secrets: she miscarried a baby after running away from home. Despite her reputation, she had only had sex one time
Regrets: that she can’t show her parents how successful she is.
Worries: that the weyr won’t be successful, that the Starholds will hurt or imprison her and Makedath
Likes: animals, the outdoors, physical challenges
Dislikes: powerlessness, boredom, being looked down on
Pet Peeves: cowardice, women who willingly submit
Dreams/Nightmares: Keahi still has dreams of finding her true love, despite her claims that she doesn’t believe in such things. Her nightmares include losing Makedath and being back at home having disappointed her parents again
Superstitions: Keahi doesn’t like discussing possible problems as she feels like discussing them makes them happen
Traditions: marking Makedath’s growth on the cliff every full moon, and having a bonfire on the beach every new moon.
Best Dream: she could be the Weyrwoman of a rebuilt weyr where dragons and people live in harmony once more.
Worst Nightmare: Makedath could be killed before clutching, making Keahi Dragonless and ruining the future of free dragons.
Best Memories: the first time she rode a horse, when she found Makedath’s egg, her first flight with Makedath
Worst Memories: when her first real boyfriend dumped and shamed her publicly, the night she ran away from home, her miscarriage



Name-Cliffsedge Cothold
Location- 5 miles southwest of Monaco bay
Size- very small
Geography- tropical grasslands
Weather: warm, rainy winters, hot, dry, summers
Industry: ranching
Local Holders/High Ranking Persons/ Notable Characters: Lord Verigan of Rain Valley Hold, his son Maligan, his wife Malina,
General character: traditional, hard-working, resistant to change

Current Residence

Name: Astraea Weyr
Location: on the coast in the ruins of Monaco bay
Size: small for a weyr but still the size of an average minor hold.
Geography: sandstone cliffs and caverns near a thin beach. Dry prairies on top of the plateau
Weather: hot and dry except in the winter
Industry: dragonriding
Local Holders/High Ranking Persons/ Notable Characters:
General Character: ramshackle, exciting, secretive


Father: Kern, 57, hard-working, solid, if not too bright, cotholder at Cliffsedge
Mother: Ahila, 53, stern, but loving, confused by her eldest daughter, easily frustrated
Siblings: Hilern, 17, heir to cothold, honorable, but traditional, a man’s man, Kila, 15, betrothed to a local holder, nurturing, no-nonsense, Iler, 15, twin to Kila, rambunctious, energetic, apprenticed as a Runner, Keril, 13, sensituve, quiet, wants to be a musician, feels he has to hide the fact that he is gay, Erila, 7, an unexpected late baby, spoiled but precocious
What did your family do to earn a living?: raised herdbeasts for meat and hide as well as subsidence farming
Socioeconomic class: the family was prosperous for cotholders and had a fairly good relationship with the lord of the minor hold they were beholden to, but not known outside the local area
What was your family’s reputation?: known as a good, down-to-earth family that had the back luck to have a Fox daughter.
Any family myths, curses, or legends? The legend is that the founder of the cothold was personally saved from a tsunami by rider F’lessan as a baby, though he was left orphaned
Did any members have a mental illness? Not known
Do you know anything about your extended family and your relationship with them? Keahi’s aunt on her mother’s side, Ahira, is a dancer who sometimes visited when Keahi was small, but though Keahi really liked her, her parents didn’t approve. Her grandparents on her mother’s side died before she was born, her grandfather and her father’s siblings are all local to the area, so she doesn’t plenty of time with them but wasn’t particularly close to any.

Significant Past Events

Infancy: Keahi was nurtured, but at the same time, her parents were overly strict. They were afraid of raising a child with the sign of fox, and wanted to keep her from getting into trouble. They were also unnerved by her precociousness and early mischievousness.
Childhood: Her parents try their best to love their daughter while also keeping her in line. They keep her busy working on the cothold, tending her siblings and the animals. They try to keep her away from ‘bad influences’, sure that a boring country life will wear down her restless impulses. But it backfires. Keahi is sullen, and runs away often, farther each time, until she discovered the beaches and sandstones caverns of abandoned Monaco Bay. She discovers a firelizard best when she is ten and Impressess two firelizards. Her parents try to get rid of them, but when they realized it was impossible, they made Keahi sleep in the hayloft and keep the firelizards outside.
Adolescence: Teen years) Though she still has plenty of chores at home, Keahi withdraws further and further from family life. Her mother decides to foster her at the main hold when she is sixteen, hoping that being around other girls her age will be good for her. Keahi did enjoy getting away from home, but didn’t really make friends among the girls. But she did strike up a friendship, and then a romance with the heir of the Holld, a boy a little bit older called Maligan. The older boy pressures her into a sexual relationship, but loses interest after their first encounter. Unfortunately, Keahi finds herself pregnant.
When she tells Maligan, he freaks out, and then tells his parents that Keahi has been fooling around with all the boys in the home. They send her home, much to her parents shame.
Adulthood: Once back at home, her parents are disappointed. They confine her to the hayloft while they decide what to do with her. In their minds, she has finally lived up to their worst fears, and with no marriage prospects, they have no idea what to do with, even not knowing that she is pregnant. Keahi knows they will never forgive her or believe her story, so after a week or so, when they have relaxed their watch, she runs away again. She planned to live at Monaco Bay until the baby was born and then give it up to a Starhold.
Coming of Age: But her plans were changed when, taking shelter from the rain in a cavern she didn’t normally use, she found a huge copper egg in a bowl of still hot sand. As she stood, staring incredulously, it began to crack. Using her firelizards to catch fish for the newborn, whatever it was, as she had never seen a dragon egg, obviously. When it hatched, the copper dragon wasted no time claiming Keahi as her own and proclaiming herself Makedath, Queen of the rebuilt Weyrs. Three days later, Keahi wakes in horrible pain. She miscarries her baby, which is a both a relief and a deep regret.
Evolution: Keahi has become very untrusting of people, but she has also become more stubborn, determined, and slightly less rebellious for the sake of rebellion.

Social Characteristics

Reputation: Right now, she’s pretty much unknown
First Impressions: You would probably think she was very confident, a natural leader
Stranger Impressions: They would probably think she was brave and maybe a little crazy
Friendly Impressions: she’s a normal person with fears and hangout, but is very driven and extremely stubborn
Enemy Impressions: A dangerous radical, selfish, power-hungry
Familiar Impressions: her family thinks she’s a lustful troublemaker, others might say she is warm, passionate, and stubborn
Compliments: Brave, confident, determined, passionate
Insults: stubborn, troublemaker, haughty, slutty
Self-Impression: Though she believes she is in the right, and sees herself as an agent of change, Keahi still worries that she is being selfish and unrealistic.

Psychological Archetyoes

MBTI Personality Type: ESTJ
Temperament: Choleric
Enneagram: The Reformer
Ego/Superego/Id: Superego
The Self: a fighter trying to build her personal version of utopia, a leader, a reformer
The Shadow: an intolerant authoritarian
Persona/mask: self-confidence, not caring what people think of her

Narrative Elements

Role: Leader
Fulfillment: an inspiring and determined leader, if somewhat flawed
Significance: Keahi and Makedath and are agents of worldwide change
Alignment: Neutral Good
Comparison: lioness
Symbol: flames
Song: Comeback by red light King
Vice: Pride
Virtue: Diligence
Defining Moment: Makedath’s mating flight
Tropes: female fighting against social order, runaway girl rebelling against parents
Originality: she’s not completely in the right, her parents weren’t really that bad, she’s not always that likeable
One Word: driven

Occupation and Education

Level of Education: probably equivalent to mid-Hugh school
Approximate IQ: 125



Name: Makedath
Pronunciation: MAH-kay-DAHTH
Meaning: Queen
Nickname: Copper
Age: 2
Hatch Date: 7.12.3399
Sire/Dame: unknown


Color: copper CC9966
Length: 39 feet
Egg Apperance: mottled copper like a new penny slightly tarnished
Build: sleek, catlike,
Markings: orange markings resembling flames on legs and tails, pale golden crown mark on head
Other Distinguishing Features: long tail, short wide wings for size


Primary Motivator: Liberation
Sense of Humor: cynical
Emotional Disposition: haughty
Moodiness: labile

Core Traits

Outlook: pessimistic
Integrity: conscientious
Impulsiveness: spontaneous
Boldness: intrepid
Flexibility: stubborn
Affinity: warm
Comportment: agreeable
Interactivity: reserved
Disclosure: secretive
Conformity: heterodox

Significant relationships: none but Keahi currently


names: Nugget, Clod
Species: firelizards
Color: bronze, CCBB11, brown, 997722
Description: Nugget is a very golden shiny bronze, quite strong and handsome who thinks very highly of himself and does a lot of preening. He is also quite brave and friendly. Nugget is a large, blocky shaped, muddy-looking brown, who is shy, loving, and very protective of Keahi, but is also super dumb.



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