Rider of blue Llanwyth


In-depth Character Sheet

Basic Information

Full name: Eira
Pronunciation: AY-ra
Meaning: snow
Sign: Harp
Rank: Prelate
Affiliation: Astraea Weyr

Physical Characteristics


Gender: female
Gender Role: avowed tomboy
Birthdate: 30.12.3376
Real Age: 27
Age Appearance: early twenties
Preferred Hand: ambidextrous
Facial Type: heart-shaped
Eye Color: blue-gray
Hair Color corn silk blond
Hairstyle: very short, messy, occasionally spiked
Skin Tone: milk-pale
Complexion: occasional blemishes, freckled on arms but otherwise smooth and even
Body type: mesomorph
Build: stocky, compact, and curvy, but much stronger than she looks
Height: five foot four
Weight: 150
Cup Size: C-cup, “too big”
Shoe Size: size nine, bony
Birthmarks/scars: Large mole on lower back, a “birthmark” of dead veins on right calf, which is covered by a tattoo of her dragon. Calluses on hands from playing violin.
Distinguishing Features: Eira has albinism, and wears bifocal spectacles as well as special riding goggles.

Inner Workings

Health: Eira has seasonal asthma which makes her prone to colds in the winter, and a slight heart murmur that makes her… ill suited to running for long periods, but she is also very sturdily built, so is not easily injured.
Energy: Not terribly energetic unless she’s really excited about something, Eira needs 10 hours of sleep a night and is a champion napper.
Memory: Eira has a didactic memory for songs and facts, but has a hard time remembering faces or day to day tasks.
Senses: Though she is extremely nearsighted, and her excellent hearing is somewhat marred by a case of chronic swimmer’s ear, her sense of touch borders on extraordinary and she has an excellent power to distinguish different colors and to see at night
Phobias: Afraid of beetles, needles, and large crowds (as well as balding men with mustaches), nothing scares her so much as never accomplishing anything important or finding love


Wardrobe: Eira chooses her clothes with a combination of comfort and whim. She likes pants and vests with lots of pockets, tall wildly colored socks, and comfortable shoes boots.
Accessories and Trinkets: Eira likes silver jewelry and has four piercing in her right ear, one in her nose and two in her left ear. Usually each has a different silver stud.
Prized Posessions: her prized violin, several wooden flutes and pan pipes, and a series of leather bound sketchbooks.
Mode of Dress: fairly sloppy, no fashion sense, but always looks comfortable and clean
Grooming: loves bathing, but shuns cosmetics and does the bare minimum of hair care
Posture: usually slouched
Gait: quiet and loping but quick, to make up for short legs,
Coordination: clumsy, but talented with her hands and quite flexible
Voice: High and clear, somewhat childlike, to her dismay
Scent: Warm honey and amber, overlaid with the spicy scent of dragon hide.


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Primary Motivator: creation/adventure
Sense of Humor: jokey and sarcastic
Emotional Disposition: calm
Moodiness: mercurial

Core Traits

Outlook: idealistic
Integrity: honest
Impulsiveness: rash
Boldness: enjoys calculated risk
Flexibility: adaptable
Affinity: empatheic
Comportment: easy-going
Interactivity: talkative one on one, reserved in large groups
Disclosure: frank
Conformity: free-thinking

Secondary Traits


Sexual Orientation: mostly heterosexual
Libido: healthy
Sexual Expressiveness: modest
Sexual Expressive Style: romantic
Openness to Sexual Experience: moderate
Promiscuity: monogamous

Emotional Details

Strengths: intelligent, creative, strong-willed, brave
Flaws: inability to focus, easily bored, absent-minded,
Conflicts: wanting to be independent versus wanting the loving family she never had. Has dreams of greatness but fears that she will be seen as selfish or delusional trying to achieve them
Instincts: nurturing those who are hurts and rebelling against those that abuse their power
Lures: the untraditional and unique
Soft Spot: the wounded or alone, especially cats and dogs
Cruel Streak: the willfully ignorant, the bigoted

Mental Details

Topics of Conversation: Almost anything, but animals, dragons, and music are favorites
Quirks, Habits, and Oddities: often humming or singing under her breath, gritting teeth when frustrated, leg jiggling or doodling when bored
Hobbies and Enjoyments: reading, writing, drawing, swimming, surfing, flying
Accomplishments: Getting away from home, Graduating to Prelate, becoming a journeyman,
Greatest Achievement: Impressing Llanywyth
Biggest Failure: not fixing the relationship with her father
Secrets: she forged the documents showing that she was an orphan
Regrets: not seeing her father again, losing a relationship with her siblings
Worries: that her stepfather will find her somehow, that she’ll be alone forever
Likes: animals, books, music, water, klah, spicy food
Dislikes: boredom, uselessness, mushrooms
Pet Peeves: ignorant people
Dreams/Nightmares: Eira dreams of being part of a loving family and having a life full of meaning and accomplishment. Her nightmares all involve her stepfather
Superstitions: Even though Eira knows the signs are a sham, she still believes they have some power
Traditions: she always takes special time for herself and Llanwyth on the anniversary of his Hatching, she likes to surf at night on the full moon
Best Dream: Eira dreams of having a weyrmate who accepts her as she is and children of her own to raise better than she was
Worst Nightmare: Her stepfather finding her
Best Memories: learning to swim with her father, Llanywyth’s Hatching
Worst Memories: being hit by her stepfather



Name-Ista Hold
Location- on Ista Island
Size- large
Geography- rocky coastline
Weather- warm, wet, stormy
Industry: fishing
Local Holders/High Ranking Persons/ Notable Characters: Lady Holder Verana
General character: lively, non-conformist, cosmopolitan, somewhat disreputable*

Current Residence

Name: Fox Starhold
Location: an island in the Sea of Azov
Size: – medium
Geography: hilly and wooded
Weather: temperate, cool summers, mild but snowy winters
Industry: Starcrafting, woodworking, fishing, fur trapping
Local Holders/High Ranking Persons/ Notable Characters: Archon Callia and brown Xenophonth, disciple S’bid and bronze Charazath, disciple Zolie and blue Julepath, disciple K’ret and brown Yareth
General Character: peaceful, isolated


Father: Rajin, 47, a Seacrafter, adventurous, intelligent, creative, but not very strong-willed
Mother: Lylera, 46, whiny, sickly, social climber
Stepfather Brunat, 52, merchant, stern controlling, superficially charming, inferiority issues
Stepmother Elarzia, 55, master teacher, bossy, productive, caring but stern
Half-Siblings: Brulera, 23, a journeywoman teacher, somewhat overweight, curly hair, tall and heavily built for a woman, Bryler, 2001, also a merchant, athletic, books, art but somewhat bumbling, stubborn, Natly, 19, smart but likes to pretend stupid, bubbly, spoiled, Lerna, 9, athletic, stubborn, somewhat overlooked by her parents, Razia, 15, intelligent, thoughtful, polite, friendly, quiet
What did your family do to earn a living?: Eira was raised with her mother and stepfather, and they were supported by her stepfather so merchant business. Her mother also raised canines and firelizards as a hobby.
Socioeconomic class: upper-middle class, very concerned with their local reputation
What was your family’s reputation?: well-known around town, but the kind of people everyone dislikes behind their back
Any family myths, curses, or legends?
Did any members have a mental illness? Maternal grandfather was bipolar, a smart and successful man, he turned to gambling later in life and then to robbery to pay his debts, but committed suicide when finally caught.
Do you know anything about your extended family and your relationship with them? Though Eira has not seen any members of her family since she was ten, she used to be close to her maternal grandparents and some of her cousins, but she wasn’t allowed to spend much time with them.

Significant Past Events

Infancy: Eira was a surprise birth for two teenagers, but they tried their best. They were amazed by their precocious infant who seemed to fit well with her birth sign of Harp, but it was quickly overshadowed by their own personal differences. They split up when Eira was two, but still had a contentious relationship.
Childhood: Lylera remarried quickly, to a man that seemed perfect. He wanted a big family just like she did, had a good reputation and was financially stable. But it wasn’t quite as good for Eira. Brunat resented her as soon as he discovered how not-alike they wre. When he realized the curious, clever, and sensitive child could not be molded to his liking, he decided to break her spirit instead. Using physical punishment, verbal abuse, isolation, anything he could think of, he wore her down. If she tried to speak out to relatives or teachers, he convinced them she was lying. He didn’t let her have much contact with the outside world. Her only solaces were music and the family pets. Her mother did seem to have a knack for collecting them, and when her mother’s Gold Daisy had a clutch with a brown, she let her children try to bond with them instead of selling the less valuable offspring. Thus, by the time Eira was ten, she had Impressed a blue she name Allegro, and a surprise Gold, named Crescendo. Brunat couldn’t do much about them but threaten, so as long as Eira kept them out of trouble she had two friends at least. But her life was still pretty difficult and Brunat swore he wouldn’t let her take an apprenticeship, he was going to marry her off to one of his friends as soon as she could. She sent a message to her father with a plan. Rajin didn’t like it, but it seemed like the best option.
Adolescence: So with her father’s help, Eira procured forged documents stating that she was a nine year old orphan, since she was quite small for twelve and had not yet hit puberty. With paperwork in hand, Eira presented herself to the Starhold the day before ceremony, her stepfather never thought to look for her there. Two nights later, she saw her first dragon. The blue dragon, Figath, spoke to her, correctly discerning that she was a bit old for a new novice, but she begged him to be silent. This Figath did, but unbeknownst to her, the blue also spoke to the Novice Master at Dragon Starhold, convincing him that Eira needed to stay there instead of at Crane Starhold. Thus it was that Eira was in the stands at a Hatching a few short months after arriving. She was still too young to be Standing, so they thought, but when a blue dragonet approached her and claimed her for his own, her cover was blown, so to speak. Yet, in the chaos of the Hatching, in seemed no one thought to ask or maybe even cared, how a supposed nine year old Impressed. So Llanwyth was hers, and now that she was an Initiate, she was free of her stepfather forever.
Not only that, but in her free time, she was allowed to pursue her passion for music. Their training went as expected; neither Eira nor Llanwyth were natural leaders, but they were intelligent, quick and daring. So they graduated, and were sent to their fir posting, Crow Starhold, then Furnace, then Bear (which Eira did not enjoy). Finally, Eira was promoted to Prelate, and recieved a posting at Fox Starhold, under the newly promoted Archon, a rare female brownrider. Callia was part of a faction pushing for reform of the Starholds, and she made the men nervous. She became a mentor and friend of Eira, the two women bonding over riding male dragons while still preferring male partners.
Adulthood: For the next ten Turns, things continued much as they had. Eira grew into a talented musician, lifting the spirits of all the inhabitants of Fox Starhold. Callia continued to push for reform, but little came of it. Eira and Llanwyth always felt like they were waiting for something… and then one morning, they heard the call that would change everything.
Coming of Age: At the tender age of fifteen, she participated in her first mating flight with Llanwyth. Though they didn’t win, the virgin Eira was shocked by what the lust of the Flight had driven her to, especially since the other rider wasn’t interested in any sort of relationship afterward.
Evolution: As the secrecy of the Starholds crumbles, Eira is forced to confront the past she thought she’d left far behind.

Social Characteristics

Reputation: Though she isn’t terribly well-known, Eira has a reputation around Fox Starhold for bring playful, clever, and very independent.
First Impressions: Most people thinks Eira is younger than she actually is.
Stranger Impressions: Funny, a bit shy, perhaps, and blunt
Friendly Impressions: A witty tomboy with a rebellious streak
Enemy Impressions: A stubborn dreamer who refuses to submit to reality
Familiar Impressions: Very intelligent, mercurial of mood, serious self esteem issues, but a genuinely good person who refuses to give up on her dreams
Compliments: Smart, funny, a good person, loving
Insults: moody, indecisive, head-in-the-clouds
Self-Impression: Eira knows she is intelligent, and is frustrated by her inability to change her situation. She worries that it’s because she is lazy and weak, and worries that her own fears will keep her from accomplishing anything. She also thinks she is unattractive and socially awkwards.

Psychological Archetyoes

MBTI Personality Type: INFP
Temperament: Sanguine
Enneagram: The Peacemaker
Ego/Superego/Id: Id
The Self: A playful idealist who wants to make the world a better place, but doesn’t think very highly of themselves
The Shadow: Controlling and manipulative
Persona/mask: someone who doesn’t take anything seriously.

Narrative Elements

Role: Inspiration
Fulfillment: An inventive and caring individual who is happy to bring up the next generation of dragonriders
Significance: Eira’s connection with the reform faction of the StarCraft will get Astraea resources and support, plus her maternal instincts will make her a natural Candidate Master
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Comparison: a swift babbling stream
Symbol: water
Song: Fox and the Geese by Nickel Creek
Vice: Sloth
Virtue: Compassion
Defining Moment: Perhaps has not occurred
Tropes: female fighting against social order and refusing to fit into gender roles, romantic searching for a soulmate, someone hiding from their past
Originality: Eira is not really a fighter, she doesn’t get things done
One Word: clever

Occupation and Education

Level of Education: sr. Journeyman
Approximate IQ: 150



Name: Llanwyth
Pronunciation: HLAHN-uth
Meaning: wave
Nickname: Lan
Age: 10
Hatch Date: 2.20.3391
Sire/Dame: Agnith/Golauth


Color: blue 668899
Length: 28 feet
Egg Apperance: blue-green spiral like a crashing wave
Build: compact, supple, flexible
Markings: swirls and ripples of darker aqua, pale, near white head knobs and crescent on chest,
Other Distinguishing Features: shorts legs and neck


Primary Motivator: Adventure
Sense of Humor: gleeful
Emotional Disposition: curious
Moodiness: even-tempered

Core Traits

Outlook: hopeful
Integrity: honest
Impulsiveness: spontaneous
Boldness: chivalrous
Flexibility: tolerant
Affinity: supportive
Comportment: courteous
Interactivity: listener
Disclosure: unreserved
Conformity: freethinking

Significant relationships: none but his lifemate


names: Crescendo, Allegro
Species: firelizards
Color: gold, Ffdd66, blue, 0099ff
Description: Crescendo is, despite her name, a diminutive Gold the color of rich butter. She is shy, but cheerful and loving, and very maternal. Allegro is skinny blue with a long tail like a whip and hide that is an almost painfully bright blue. He is cheery, quick, and not a little mischievous.



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